For as long as I can remember I have been a lover of love. As a child I read fairy tales, watched Disney movies and sang along with the love songs. Moving into young adulthood I read romance novels, watched romantic comedies and dreamt of the day I would find my Prince Charming. Now as an adult, with my true love by my side and two littlies in tow, I spend my days trying to capture the romance in every day. I’ve come to realise that true love is not in the movies with fancy ballgowns, handsome Princes and magnificent castles. I find it in the small, seemingly insignificant parts of our every day life. I see it in the face of a groom watching his bride come down the aisle, the way a mother kisses the cheek of her newborn child and in the adoring glances of new love while shooting a newly engaged couple.  For me, that is more romance than I’ll ever need.